What is your chess personality?

I subscribe to IM John Bartholomew’s excellent Youtube channel. He has a few educational playlists, for example Chess Fundamentals, Climbing the Rating Ladder and Chess Cognitionand regularly posts his blitz and bullet antics. He recently beat world blitz chess champion GM Alexander Grischuk in a 3-game blitz match.

Today John posted a video where he uses chess.com’s chess personality quiz. I had a go at the quiz myself before watching the full video; apparently I play in the style of Capablanca. I’m more than happy with that comparison, but I think Capa might be turning in his grave!

You can have a go at the quiz here: Chess Personality Quiz. It is just a bit of fun.

Here is IM Bartholomew’s video:


About becomingachessmaster

I am a 46-year old chess player with a goal to be as good a chess player as I can possibly be. I hope you find some value from following my experiences.
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One Response to What is your chess personality?

  1. David says:

    Thoroughly unexpected: I got Mikhail Botvinnik.


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