Current Chess Study Plan – June 2016

Here is my current study plan:

study plan


About becomingachessmaster

I am a 46-year old chess player with a goal to be as good a chess player as I can possibly be. I hope you find some value from following my experiences.
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3 Responses to Current Chess Study Plan – June 2016

  1. Bryan Castro says:

    Greetings, I enjoy looking at your study plans. I also like to plan and regimen my training as well and make spreadsheets. Are you using to study/memorize master games?


    • Hi Bryan. May I first say that I really enjoy your articles on Nigel’s site. They have good structure and practical advice.

      Yes, I do use chessable for master games memorisation. I have the 12 games I want to memorise in a separate “repertoire”. I learn using the normal functionality, but then also go through the full games on rotation (1 a day) using the ‘overstudy’ function.

      I’ve used spreadsheets to track hours etc. on and off, mostly off recently (other than the plan you see). Inspired by a study friend Chessmo, I have again linked my long term plan to my goals and in turn to my study plan, so am again tracking certain things. I have focused on things that are easy to measure so as to make it as easy as possible.


      • Bryan Castro says:

        Thank you for your kind words. I try my best.

        Neat! I will be doing a review on on my site: in a couple weeks, and I had considered using Chessable to memorize key games although I keep these games in SCID and use the Review game feature to essentially do the same thing.

        Re: measurement, I wrote an article about this on my site a couple weeks ago…it sounds like you and i are very similar in that we like to track our progress and I am convinced that it is a great tool for both motivation and for making adjustments in our plans.


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