Study and Practice

Among the first posts on this blog, I wrote about my approach to studying chess. If you are interested in a study plan, here are some links:

A summary of my study plans for 2017

How not to study chess

My current study plan (June 2016)

Study Plan – Introduction

Study Plan – Endgame Study

Study Plan – Tactics

Study Plan – Opening Study

Study Plan – Strategy

Study Plan – Playing OTB

Sample Study Plan


3 Responses to Study and Practice

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  2. marpole says:

    Love the website and your approach – all the best wishes in achieving your goals! I am 52 years old and returned recently to chess about six months ago after not really playing since elementary school, and am focusing on improvement as well. I am roughly 1400 online currently, and have set a goal of improving to perhaps 1750 hopefully within a year or two. I will be following your progress with interest.


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