Master Game Analysis – Capablanca-Tartakower, New York 1924

Master Game Analysis – Capablanca-Tartakower, New York 1924

This master game, played between José Raúl Capablanca and Saviely Tartakower, is a true classic from the legendary New York 1924 tournament.

The game illustrates Capablanca’s exceptional endgame skill, in this case activating his rook to the seventh rank, using it to dominate Black’s position, while slowly but surely bringing his king in to support the rook and convert to a win. In the process he gives away two pawns, but shows that material majority is not the only factor in winning a game of chess.

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In the game viewer below you can play through the game and variations, and read the commentary. Use the arrows below the board, or click on moves in the annotation section.



As ever, I would encourage you to set up the game on a real board and play through it. Other than the fact that real chess is played on real boards, it is an opportunity to practise your visualisation skills by visualising variations before you play through them.

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