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Lesson 3: Beware a draw offer from a stronger player

Back to Lesson 2 When I play a much stronger player, my thought process is sometimes affected. On the one hand I feel I have the freedom to play aggressively and more instinctively, because a loss would not be unexpected. … Continue reading

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Lesson 2: When ahead, don’t overthink

Back to Lesson 1 This is not a ‘sexy’ lesson with a big wow-moment, but it is the sort of subtle thing which is often overlooked. My opponent, rated 1150, made life difficult for himself out of the opening, having … Continue reading

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Lesson 1: On (almost) every move, consider ALL Checks, Captures and Threats

This position arose in one of my recent games. White is better here to the tune of about +6, partly because of the knight on the great c6-outpost, the pressure on the backward c-pawn and the superior dark squared bishop. My … Continue reading

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Latest ECF Ratings

The ECF has finally published the 2016 year-end ratings. For those who don’t know, unlike the USCF or FIDE, who update ratings very regularly, the ECF updates official ratings only every six months. I am very glad to report that … Continue reading

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Review – June and July 2016

Two bits of news for the two months of June and July. Firstly, the July 2016 ECF ratings list is out and I now have my highest rating yet, of 111 (1533 Elo). Nothing special, but at least I have … Continue reading

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Review – May 2016

I somehow missed out giving an update at the end of April, so this will be a double. I mentioned in February and March that I had simplified my study plan. In April and May I made further refinements and … Continue reading

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Review – March 2016

March felt like a slow chess month. I only played two rated OTB games and stagnated a bit on training. However, I feel comfortable with the simplified study plan I introduced last month and just need to tweak around the … Continue reading

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